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Your own, personal project manager from Europe
is backed up by a team of Chinese sourcing experts.
Lean back while we source and develop your products!


find the right supplier

Our local Chinese sourcing experts will do that for you. Sometimes there are equally good products from other manufactures who just can’t be found or contacted by foreigners. But isn’t that great? Imagine you have a product that can not be found and thus can’t be copied from your competitors!

deal with the factory

People from different cultures have a different understanding of “good quality”, “fast production”, “reasonable prices” etc. Labelling for shipping goes wrong or other requirements are not processed properly. Often this it is a matter of having inside knowledge of how things run in Chinese factories. We deal with the suppliers and avoidc your headache!


get you different samples

If you have ever ordered from China you know how quickly shipping costs for different samples can add up. And in the end, you only pick one of them. Costs of business – ok but are they really necessary? We order different samples for your and find the best quality item for free within a matter of days.

get you the best price

In China, there are 2 kinds of prices. The “Chinese price” and the “foreigner price”. Local suppliers know that they are cheaper than suppliers in western countries, even when they quote you higher than Chinese customers. These price differences let us order your products 20 – 50 % cheaper.


quality control in China

If you pay for shipping products half around the world you do not want to find anything unexpected when opening the boxes. At Minted Sourcing, we have the ability to check the quality of your order, bundle different items and affix shipping labels before it leaves the country. With us, you know what you get and don’t need to worry about unpleasant surprises.

deal with shipping

Dealing with the shipping process can be difficult when never done before. Picking a reliable forwarder, customs clearance or making sure everything runs smoothly – we do that for you!


shoot product pictures

At Minted Sourcing, we take care of that for you. Professional equipment and great photographers are the keys for good quality images. Our graphic designers give them the last tough and you are ready to finish your listings.

visit exhibitions

Everybody is searching online for new product ideas or the right supplier for a product. This is convenient but all your competitors will do it this way. On regular bases we visit exhibitions to check on new products for you. We send you pictures directly from the sales show. No need for you to take a flight for this..


call with founder

As an international seller, Nils has built a whole team managing and growing his AMZ business. He is coaching Podcast hosts in Germany and always likes to discuss and share everything around AMZ, outsourcing and new business opportunities with his sourcing clients.



amount of Products

get your own European Project Manager in China 

find the perfect supplier

order multiple samples

evaluate sample quality

develop the product as per your change requests 

send finallised sample to your doorstep

develop packaging

place the order at the factory

only pay the factory after receiving the order

100% quality control

AMZ confirm labelling

shipping preparation

get forwarder offers

shoot product pictures
as per your request





10 images





20 images





30 images


Fair Reports

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